Partner with Lottie’s Meats

At Lottie's Meats, we’re passionate about bringing high-quality, innovative pork dishes to everyone and our wholesale partners are an integral piece of that.

With over 15+ years of experience in the culinary industry, we’re here to help with everything you’ll need to bring our premium pork products to your customers including menu consultation, bespoke events, customization and always-on support.

We love this part of our job.

If you're a bakery, brewery, restaurant, specialty retailer, etc., -you name it, we'd love to "meat" you and work together!

Contact us below or shoot us an email at info@lottiesmeats.com to get started

  • Unparalleled Quality Pork

    Our pork is selectively sourced from the family farm network we grew up on. Unlike traditional sausage makers, we only use top-quality, selective cuts and breeds and pair it with unique recipes and premium ingredients to truly bring you an unparalleled product that can stand alone as a top-selling menu item or elevate any dish.

  • Unique, Chef-Crafted Recipes

    One-of-a-kind recipes that have the perfect combination of premium pork, fresh spices, craftsmanship and love (!!) that brings true innovation to the pork category. Your customers - like ours - will be coming back again and again for more!
    * Custom recipe development for sausage is available for orders over 100 cases.

  • Consultation & Always-On Support

    We’re here to support and evangelize your business at every stage. We meet you and your business where you are and offer a full service program with on-site consultations, menu planning, forecasting, special events and more.
    From quality pork to quality partnerships, this is our A-game!