About Lottie's Meats

Not your average sausage brand, Lottie’s Meats is a sister-owned food business born from the generational family farm we grew up on.

We offer a diverse range of chef-crafted, convenient & creative pork sausages & ground pork blends - made from responsible, high-quality ingredients. 

Our Story

Our story begins long before Lottie’s Meats launched in 2024, but we will skip to the good parts - starting with the nineties, baby!

Enter Chelsey (the eldest of four) and Cassie (a nark).

Growing up on the farm in rural Illinois, we (on brand) developed a knack for hard work, discipline and "doing things right!" This, paired with our big imaginations and love for building, created what we now realize was a little sense of entrepreneurial spirit! As tweens & teens, we often attempted joint ventures: launching lemonade stands, writing & participating in school plays & speech contests, and even starting a short-lived bakery for the family farm-goers.

Since those businesses didn’t work out (and our parents encouraged us to try our hand at careers off the farm), we took different paths: Chelsey went on to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America and worked as a chef in multiple award-winning restaurants while Cassie went into the corporate world - working in “THE INTERNET.”

As real adult people, we noticed that we were the ones to consistently educate our colleagues, friends and customers on the power of pork. We saw quick adoption & a small consumer movement from simple word-of-mouth conversations but we also realized that it was going to take more than 1:1 conversations to reintroduce pork and play within a larger system that had done damage. The industry had changed and rightfully so had consumer sentiment.

And so, Lottie’s - a family name - was born to ensure we bring pork back to the conversation and the dinner table in a new and meaningful way.

We hope you get a chance to try Lottie's sausage out for yourself and introduce convenient, better-for-you, natural pork products back into your communities and conversations - let us know what you think! And thanks for being here!


  • Pigs are non-ruminant livestock - so they don't produce methane

    (they have significantly lower emissions than 🐄 and 🐏).

  • And with pigs, you leave less behind

    Nearly every piece of the 🐖 is utilized and there are ample opportunities for circular use - e.g. we recycle 100% of manure to replace commercial fertilizers and use food byproducts in 🐖 feed.

  • Pork is globally the most consumed meat in the 🌍

    But in 🇺🇲, it is behind 🐔 & 🐄. We’re on a mission to help more US consumers discover pork in a new & meaningful way.

  • Pork is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients - including Protein, Iron, and Zinc.

    (...some may say it is more nutrient dense than 🐔 ).


All of our sausages are made with pork - sourced from our network of family farms.

Unlike most sausage brands, we only use premium cuts - pork loin and pork shoulder. We pair this with pure, high quality spices, unique recipes, and chef-crafted techniques to bring you Lottie’s Meats!

No nitrites, nitrates, chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients - we only use all natural, responsible ingredients to create products that taste good, do good, and make you feel good.


The future of agriculture and culinary is increasingly female. We want to be a part of that movement and support & empower women in the industry - women who are too often the ones behind-the-scenes but consistently powering their businesses, their families, our communities and our planet. A portion of our sales go to supporting local non profit organizations dedicated to this mission - like the Women’s Bean Project - who provide job training and employment opportunities to women facing significant barriers to work.

We’re deeply committed to ensuring our product meets the needs and standards of our customers in a sustainable way. We’re focused on making the best possible choices to reduce waste, encourage responsible sourcing, and offset our environmental impact throughout each step of the process - from choosing the vendors we partner with to the ingredients we source to the materials we use to package and deliver our products. We are proud 1% For The Planet members, meaning 1% of our annual revenue goes towards supporting environmental causes through certified organizations.