All of our meat is 100% pork-based 🐖 .

We offer chef-crafted, all-natural pork sausages and seasoned ground pork blends that are bursting with flavor. 

Unlike most sausage companies, we only use premium cuts - pork loin & pork shoulder - with a unique blend of high-quality spices and chef-crafted techniques. 

We prioritize sourcing our pork from a sustainable and trusted network of family farms in the midwest (where we grew up) who are committed to responsible animal care and producing high-quality, nutritious pork! 

We are a Colorado-based, sister-owned company and craft the sausages locally, using unique recipes and premium ingredients. Our pork sausage is free of nitrates, additives, fillers, added hormones and antibiotics. 

We’re only using the good stuff to bring you real, nutritious, & convenient pork products that taste good, do good, and make you feel good.

All of our sausage is made locally in Denver, CO, where we are based!

Quite the opposite - we use only the good stuff to bring you real, nutritious, creative & convenient pork products.

Our pork sausages are made using all-natural ingredients and free of soy, gluten, nitrates, nitrites, fillers, hormones and antibiotics. Unlike most sausage companies, we only use pork shoulder & loin, so the sausages have a better snap and texture with more protein & vitamins and are all around delicious, punchy sausages that taste good, do good, and make you feel good. 💪

We only use natural pork casings.

Storing & HANDLING

Our sausage links - the Lottie and the Bratwurst - are fully cooked. They are then flash frozen and sealed to ensure freshness. All you have to do is re-heat and enjoy! Check out some of our favorite ways to serve on our recipes page. 

Ground sausage blends are also made fresh and seasoned and then immediately frozen. They are not pre-cooked. After thawing, they can be conveniently cooked on a stovetop in < 10 minutes and ready-to-enjoy with your favorite dishes - no extra seasoning required!

Step 1: THAW 

For best results, allow sausages to thaw in the refrigerator before preparing. 

Step 2: HEAT

Our favorite way to heat Lottie’s sausages are to sauté them on a stovetop with ~ 1/2 inch of water or with your favorite beer. Cover and cook for ~5 mins, then turn the sausage and remove the lid. Once the liquid has evaporated, you will get a nice caramelization (and SNAP) and you’re ready to enjoy!

On the grill, all they need is ~ 8-10 minutes on low heat and voila! Remember: Lottie’s are fully cooked so you don’t want to over-do it!

Step 3: SERVE

Our sausages are packed with flavor, demanding to be the star of the show! We love to serve them with creative toppings on your favorite bun, but they are also great as the main attraction in a power bowl, seasonal soup, on a snackable charcuterie board or on a sheet pan with roasted veggies!

Check out our recipe page for inspo!

No preservatives! Our fully cooked sausage packs can stay up to six months in the freezer. We recommend enjoying them within 7-10 days of opening if you’re keeping them in the refrigerator. 

For the raw ground sausage blends, they can also keep in the freezer for up to six months. If you thaw in the refrigerator, use within 5 days of opening.


We ship weekly on Mondays & Tuesdays and our packages are typically delivered within 2 business days—depending on the shipping destination, shipping method, etc.

Our sausages are flash frozen and vacuum sealed and shipped in cardboard boxes with thermal recyclable liners and ice packs to ensure they arrive safely. Sausages will begin to thaw while shipping but are safe to consume, or refreeze, if the product is “refrigerator cold” at time of delivery. 

Once thawed, sausages can keep up to 10 days in the refrigerator without opening or can be re-frozen for up to six months in the freezer.

With each purchase, you'll receive 4 packs of Lottie’s sausage. Wondering why four-packs? Our sausage is freezer-friendly, ensuring you have flavorful options whenever you desire. Additionally, shipping multiple packs is more eco-friendly and cost-effective, making it a win-win for both you and the environment! 

  • We ship weekly on Mondays & Tuesdays and our packages are typically delivered Wednesday - Thursday —depending on the shipping destination, shipping method, etc. 
  • If you place an order after 7 pm EST on Sunday, that order might be processed the following week (so make sure to place your order by Sunday afternoon to secure a timely delivery for that week). Transit time is typically 2 days after the order is shipped. 
  • You’ll receive your tracking info via email as soon as your label is created and your order is out for shipment. Your patience and support mean a lot to our small biz!

We offer three shipping options which are automatically selected at checkout depending on your state and products ordered:

  • $8.99 - $12.99 for Zone 1 
  • $12.99 - $18.99 for Zone 2
  • $18.99 - $24.99 for Zone 3

Most shipments will arrive within 2-3 days after they are sent out on Monday.

Ensuring we are using responsible packaging and shipping frozen items is costly, so we appreciate your willingness to support Lottie’s as we try to get product to you as sustainably & responsibly as possible!

We currently only ship to all 48 contiguous states (we unfortunately cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska at this time).