By Cassondra Maschhoff

April 2024 Happenings

Hi Lottie's Friends & Fam,

...and Happy April Fool’s Day to those who celebrate! 

We have a lot going on with this small sausage biz thing so unfortunately, we didn’t have the time or the creative prowess to pull off any April Fools Day pranks (sorry dad). 

But, we did share a lot of LOLs 😂 this past month - both intentionally and unintentionally - as we launched into our first retail stores, hosted multiple samplings and pop ups, attended our first Expo West, launched new products (👀 our ground pork blends below), and much much more!

Read on for the latest from Team Lottie's:


Introducing our April Sausage Drop: The Andouille!!

Limited Time Only | Only Available for Denver Local Pickup on Saturday morning, 4/20 @ GetRight's or Sunday afternoon, 4/21 @ Long Table Brewhouse.

  • Must select pickup date at checkout (reach out if neither dates work and we can coordinate alternative times).


  • A fully-cooked sausage - hand-crafted using all-natural pork, and seasoned with plenty of nutmeg, cayenne pepper, and garlic to provide a memorable kick 🔥! A great addition to any soup, rice dish, pasta, and more! Snag yours while they last.


April has a lot IN STORE (pun intended) for the Lottie's community, starting with expanding into our newest retail partners:
We're so excited to continue to grow with partners in our backyard. 
Check them out if you're in the area and shop local! 
P.S. If  there is a store you'd like to see Lottie's in, let them know (or let us know)! 
We officially launched our two new seasoned ground pork blends: the EVERYTHING and the CALABRIAN.
These were a JOURNEY to bring to market 😅 due to challenges with production, USDA requirements, recipe changes and more, but…WE DID IT and we are excited to share them with you. 
Each blend is uniquely seasoned to elevate any dish and we've been having so much fun getting them out the door & adding them into fun recipes (like this life-changing sausage roll that has us 🤤🤤🤤).
!! Fun fact: You can find these blends at some of our fave pizzerias and bakeries around town (e.g. GetRightsPoulette BakeshopOutside Pizza& Moon Raccoon Bakery)! Follow them for more!


We have A LOTTIE going on in April. Check our list of events and stop by! 

Chelsey & Cassie