• Sausage Starter Pack | 4-Packs
  • Calabrian & Everything Sausage on Board
  • The Lottie & Bratwurst on Board
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Sausage Starter Pack | 4-Packs

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Try our newest flavors in our OG starter four pack which includes: two, fully-cooked sausages - the LOTTIE and the BRATWURST - and two perfectly seasoned ground pork blends - the EVERYTHING and the CALABRIAN. 
    The Lottie:

    Really, our version of a “big kid hot dog," if you will, but packed with more flavor, more elegance and more fun. Chef-crafted and made with nutmeg, paprika, coriander and smoked to perfection. 

    The Bratwurst:

    Each Lottie's Bratwurst is 3 ounces of fully-cooked snappy goodness - filled with all-natural pork, fresh mustard seeds, ginger and nutmeg. This is a good-for-you ‘wurst that packs the protein, flavor and fun.

    Everything Ground Pork Sausage:

    A sweet-and-spicy blend made with all natural pork, finely ground and seasoned to perfection – perfect for breakfast dishes and pastas, soups, pizza toppings, tacos & more! Made with a unique blend of herbs and hand-crafted with the perfect amount of EVERYTHING!

    Calabrian Chile Ground Pork Sausage:

    Our spin on the classic: italian sausage! Fresh ground pork made with garlic, fennel, and a little bb kick of Calabrian spice, the Lottie's Ground Calabrian Chile Sausage is a perfect sausage to elevate any pasta, soup or winter dish 🤌!


    Four Packs Per Bundle | Four Links Per Sausage Pack 

    Net Weight: 12 Ounces Per Cooked Sausage Pack; 16 Ounces Per Ground Sausage Pack

    Use within 5 days of opening or freeze up to six months


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Chaele Arkfeld
    Loved Lottie’s!

    The packaging was so aesthetically pleasing, and useful…the recipe cards are a great touch! We loved trying everything with the sampler pack, and already plan to order more!

    Cynthia Simpson
    Delicious Bratwurst

    I made Bratwurst Hogies with fried potatoes, onion and peppers with pepperoncini and honey mustard. Delicious
    Loved the Bratwurst flavors! Very tender!

    Elizabeth Timmermann
    Here me when i say..

    Lotties is quite literally the best pork meats you will try!! Endless recipe options with the starter pack! "The everything" might be my favorite with the perfect amount of spice! Great job Lottie gals!!

    Reilly ODonnell
    5 out 5: would sausage again

    all flavors in the starter pack were fantastic, would definitely order again.

    Maggie Schmitt
    Fun variety pack!

    Loved getting to try 4 different Lottie meats!!!! Made for a fun week of dinners and breakfasts. I would recommend to anyone who wants to sample many or can’t decide!