By Cassondra Maschhoff

March 2024 Happenings

Hi Lottie's Friends & Fam,
If you're new here, welcome! In addition to one-off emails for fun news & announcements, we send out a monthly newsletter to share the latest (and sometimes-but-not-always, greatest) updates from Team Lottie's. For everyone else, thanks for catching up with us each month and happy almost March! 
February was a blast (aka a whirlwind) for Team Lottie's (aka Chelsey, Cassie & our manager, baby Augie)! We had a lot of “firsts," made a lot of progress, and made even more mistakes. But, we will stick to the “progress” piece for this newsletter (because we hope our mom reads it):
We kicked off the month with a menu takeover at the newly-opened Traveling Mercies, followed by a sunny pop up & sausage drop at Cohesion Brewing. We also made some fun content, landed our first “story,” designed & received USDA approval on our first product labels (!!!), completed our first scaled production run, and…we were thrilled (but mostly shocked) to learn we were recognized as a Startup CPG Backpack Brand as well as a top emerging brand that will participate in the Tabletop Showcase at the Naturally Network Expo West Kick-Off Party in Los Angeles in a few weeks. ✈️


This month, we will not have our regular “monthly sausage drop;" 
instead, we are dropping new RETAIL partner news + new events where you can get Lottie's IRL!


These Colorado-Based stores are now carrying our fully-cooked sausages: 
the Lottie and the Bratwurst.
  1. Leevers Locavore: Launching 3/1. We are sharing samples on Sunday, 3/3 at 3 pm so stop by and try some Lottie's!
  2. Pine Melon: Launching 3/1. Stay tuned for a discount code from us if you aren't a customer!
  3. Sun Market: Launching Monday, 3 /4!
  4. Little Bodega: Already LIVE but adding the Lottie & the Bratwurst on 3/1.
  5. Sundry Goods: Already LIVE but adding the Lottie & the Bratwurst on 3/1.
  6. Choice Market: Launching 3/7 at their Bannock location. We will have a Lottie's lunch sampling Thursday, 3/7.
And more retail spots + new products to come! 
If you're in the area, check them out and pick up a pack of Lottie's! 🙏 
[Let us know if you end up purchasing by sending us a note or tagging us on Instagram and we'll send you a little thank you gift 🤗]
Check out our events on our happenings page and be sure to stop by and catch us at one of our pop ups or at your favorite retailer!
Thanks so much!
Chelsey & Cassie 
Photo of Chelsey & Cassie picking up our first scaled production run